Alexander Gelman + Paul Davis 「GELMAN-IZE & DAVIS-IZE」

2008.8.09 Sat -2008.9.07 Sun

NANZUKA UNDERGROUND is pleased to announce a new body of collaborative work by Alexander Gelman and Paul Davis, “GELMAN-IZE & DAVIS-IZE.” Alexander Gelman and Paul Davis are not only old friends, but also good rivals with different styles with mutual respect for each other. This exhibition is the second collaboration following “Gelman/Davis” which was held by Andrew Roth Gallery, New York, in 2005.

Alexander Gelman is an artist who works through various media, such as videos, graphics, and installations, where he employs his ideas of “Subtraction.” His work has been collected by MOMA and the Smithsonian library. Paul Davis is the English artist best known for his coruscating humor and fine/ugly drawing. He has many fans in Japan, Europe, America and beyond.

In this exhibition, Alexander Gelman and Paul Davis react to each other’s work in their own different way. For example, Paul Davis sent Alexander Gelman new drawings of fantastical diagrams about life, love, sex, death and pointlessness for Gelman to Gelmanize them. At the same time, Gelman sent Davis his brutally pared-down images to be Davisized. With his unique drawing style, Paul reformed Gelman’s perfect works. Gelman in turn redefined the freehand appearance of Paul’s drawings. Gelman got Davised, Davis got Gelmanized.

It will be a fascinating exhibition raising questions of authorship, ownership and originality linked with constant, relentless reaction in the art scene today. We look forward to your attendance.

Alexander Gelman & Paul Davis [GELMAN-IZE & DAVIS-IZE ]
Date : 2008.8.09 Sat - 9.07 Sun
Alexander Gelman & Paul Davis [GELMAN-IZE & DAVIS-IZE ]

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