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porter x monocle

Proving that good design is often about what you leave out, rather than add on, luggage company Porter has long been known in Japan for its simple, stylish approach to design.
Things have come on a long way since 1923, when the Porter brand was founded in the aftermath of the Kanto earthquake (the rubble was removed in its string and canvas sacks), though utilitarianism and functionality are still very much at the heart of the designers' concerns.
At Monocle, we believe that Porter creates some of the sturdiest, most useful and good-looking bags in the world, and for that very reason, we commissioned the company to produce a range of bags for our readers and staff.
All three versions share the same pared-down aesthetic, yet each one is designed for a very different purpose. Whether it be a weekend away, a day in the office, or an afternoon about town, these bags are tailor-made for the Monocle reader, wherever you live in the world. They are available in black or green.
This bag is small enough to meet all hand-luggage regulations - it will easily fit into an overhead cabin or under an A320 seat - yet, with a bit of smart packing, could contain enough to last you a week or more. Also, includes a laundry bag, a pouch for toiletries and pouch to store a bag when you get back to your pied-a-terre.

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